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Warmth and harmony

Any hints, tips, constructive criticism or comments are welcome and appreciated.

akarui from Kagoshima, Japan

Very cosy place.

24 Sep 2008 11:45am

@akarui: Thanks for the comment, Akarui

Anthony from Bielefeld, Germany

warm,cosy,snug.great feeling,nice shot.

24 Sep 2008 2:56pm

@Anthony: Thanks Anthony

Luis A. De Jesus R. from Mexico City, Mexico

Your home? Very cozy, indeed. You have great taste. I see someone has a nick for guitars --lovely instrument.

24 Sep 2008 6:02pm

@Luis A. De Jesus R.: Hi Luis - no not my home but the home of a friend I was staying with for a few days. She's the musical one. Thanks for the visit and comment.

Observing from West Cheshire, United Kingdom

Your friend is not only a musician, but has an artisitc flair too.

24 Sep 2008 9:16pm

@Observing: indeed she does!

jamesy from christchurch, New Zealand

Nice Margie the wood does give it a nice warm feel

25 Sep 2008 1:09am

JJ from Jersey City, United States

the title so fits, it looks nice and warm and cosy with a clear fill of music

25 Sep 2008 1:29am

@JJ: Thanks for this lovely comment.

MadScientist from Düsseldorf, Germany

Exactly. Beautiful shot, very good!

25 Sep 2008 6:19pm

@MadScientist: Thank you MS!

Kelela from Upland, United States

Wow; I have been gone too long and am enjoying all the photos you have been posting. This image gives me a really good feeling. I have a musical background and the guitars do it for me!

2 Oct 2008 2:30pm

@Kelela: Thanks Kelala, this was a spur of the moment shot so I was pleased with the result (after a bit of cropping). To me it really shows my friend's essence and energy.

Klaus from Rotorua, New Zealand

Hmm I think I know that woman ;)
Yes there are a lot of warmt and harmony in your photo. I don´t know if it´s ok here to come with some critic or advise because it seems like all the comments in here is "beautiful photo, nice photo, Stunning mv."
But it looks (for me) lek a snapshot. I would have been better with all the guitars if Claire have been palying on one of them.

Ps. I look forward to meet you.

31 Aug 2009 9:53am

@Klaus: You're right, Klaus, it was a bit of a spur of the moment snapshot. And yes PLEASE critique and advise wherever you think you should. I'd appreciate it.